Chlorinated Foam Cleaning and Hygiene Liquid

Chlorinated Foam Cleaning and Hygiene Liquid

Product Information

Usage Areas and Features:

Alkali köpüklü temizlik ürünü. Ağır kirlerin olduğu yumurta, konveyör  bantlar, tüm alet-ekipman, paslanmaz, beton ve diğer yüzeyler için.

It does not damage rubber.

Area of Use: Daily application – crossover operation


Product Description

Concentration Range: %2-4

Situations to Consider:

Keep away from children.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Do not expose to direct sunlight, store in its original packaging in a dry and cool place away from moisture.

In case of swallowing, call UZEM 114.

WARNING: Do not experiment by mixing it with any other chemical! The damage resulting from the reaction can be very serious. Our company is not responsible for this situation.